What is an Antique Firearm in Canada

Firearms manufactured before 1898 are eligible to be deemed as Antique Firearms in Canada, provided that they are not chambered in one of the non-eligible caibers.  See the link to the RCMP fact sheet for additional info.


Shipping and International Sales

Shipping costs in Canada, via Canada Post, tracked, with signature required, are included in your purchase price.  Insurance can be added for $2.50/$100 of coverage, at your option.  International shipping costs are not included in your purchase price.  Know your nation's legal requirements related to cross border movement of firearms, and their ownership and use, before ordering.  International sales are welcome, and we do have partners abroad to assist as needed.

Firearm Descriptions

We use our best efforts to describe the listed firearms as thoroughly as possible, but if you have specific questions about your selection, do ask your questions before buying, as all sales are final.  Do feel free to have your gunsmith inspect your purchase, prior to you firing it.  Safety first.  All of the listed firearms are over 120 years old, and whether they are immaculate, or project guns that need repair, you are fully responsible for any risks associated with their use.  There is no warranty on the used antique firearms listed, and they are sold as is.

Is a PAL or licence required to own Antique Firearms in Canada

Obtaining and maintaining a PAL is an excellent way to ensure that you have a minimum understanding of the responsibililites of a gun owner in Canada.  Though a PAL is not required if Antique Firearms are the only firearms that you own, many owners of Antiques are ambassadors for responsible firearms ownership, and maintain a PAL.  A PAL is required to purchase ammunition.  Be prepared to provide proof of age for your Antique purchase if asked.  If you don't know what a PAL is, don't be shy,  call and we can point you in the right direction.  We love welcoming new enthusiasts to the ranks.

Ammunition Sales

Any ammunition purchased here must be shipped via ground carriers.  Our preferred ammo carrier is Canpar, and the costs of ammo shipping are additional to the ammo price.  Regardless of it's source, vintage and period ammo is not guaranteed to be useable, so when buying vintage ammo from Antique Guns Canada, do accept that it too is sold as is, without warranty.  A PAL is required for ammo purchases.  Feel free to ask about ammunition available for sale, as we may have it on hand, even if not listed

Payment Options and Layaway

When the right antique shows up for you, there is always the chance that the timing is wrong for you to buy it.  Relax.  A deposit will hold your gun and deem it sold, and you can take time to pay the remaining balance due on your purchase, on flexible terms that we work out with you.  Payment options include cash, EMT, wire transfer, cheque, draft, money order, direct bank payment, and newly added - credit card payments.  If you pay via credit card, we will add your 3.5% of the purchase price to your total at checkout time, when we have you on the phone.  If you forget to do so, we will remind you.  Credit card customers please complete your orders and purchases as prompted, and do watch for an email with a link to our credit card processing center, then follow the prompts to complete your payments.


Project Guns

PROJECT GUNS - We do have them.  Project guns here are all photographed on a red background to make them easy to spot.  They are offered as items that require professional repairs or gunsmithing.  Project guns may have minor or significant mechanical issues, and may or may not be missing parts.  No effort has been made to repair the project guns listed, but best efforts have been made to describe what may be at fault with each.  Clearly, the project guns are affordable, but they are still Antique Firearms, and as such should be treated with the respect and safety considerations due any other firearm.

Additional Photo Requests

It is great to see photos of things that we want to buy.  All of our posted photos make effort to be as unflattering as possible, while being as descriptive as possible.  If you feel that you need additional images of any guns prior to making your purchase, please do ask, but please do CALL to make that request, rather than sending an email request for extra images.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and until we share a few of those words in a discussion over the phone, we may not fully understand how to best meet your needs.  Email requests for additional images of firearms will not be undertaken without a prior phone discussion with you.

Additional Items Not Listed

Inventory changes regularly, and we may have fresh stuff in the vault that is not posted on the site.  If you don't see what you are after, just call.  We may have it.  Any purchases of items not posted are subject to the same terms and conditions as those that are.



By purchasing any of the listed firearms, the buyer assumes all risks of any sort, related to the items purchased.   All sales are final, and all items are sold as is, without warranty.  Buyers must be 18 years of age or older.  We reserve the right to request ID verification for any sales, and to void any sales where requested information is not provided by the buyer.  Further, for the benefit of all responsible firearms owners, we reserve the right to void any sale in the event that the buyer gives the seller any reason to suspect that the item being purchased may be used for any nefarious, or unlawful purpose.   Improper use or handling of firearms can cause property damage, injury to persons, or death.  The buyer accepts the responsibilities associated with the use and handling of firearms, and holds the seller, and manufacturer of the items purchased, harmless from any  liability, claim, of any sort, howsoever caused, related to the item purchased


Any information shared in the course of your purchase will be kept confidential, and will be used solely for the purposes of your transaction, and any required verifications.

Gift Purchases

Receiving firearms as a gifts has put smiles on faces since the invention of gunpowder.  Feel free to discuss your gift ambitions with us and we will gladly work with you to secure the perfect presentation piece.  If you cannot decide on a specific item for your gift purchase, we can work with you in gift certificate format to allow your recipient to select their own item from our inventory, using your generous gift certificate.