About Us

Antique revolvers often give their owners more pride, and enjoyment, per pound, than their long guns can provide.  Collectors cherish their antiques for many reasons; the technical, or historical significance of the gun; the engineering, or manufacturing processes involved in their creation; respect of the fact that conflicts of the past, having drawn the map of our world, were in many cases, decided by these old relics; Family history, the love of a bygone era, or a facination with frontier expansion. The reasons to enjoy, and be passionate about antique firearms collecting, are as varied as the guns themselves.

 We responsible firearms owners have everything to gain by enjoying our antique firearms safely, and responsibly.  We also owe it to all firearms owners, to not only be safe and responsible with our antiques, but to be ambassadors for safe and responsible gun ownership, whatever class of firearm we enjoy.  We should continue to promote these positive attitudes to all gun owners, and share these ideals with the people who we meet, especially those, that are yet to become gun owners.

 Unless otherwise noted, each gun listed here is a Prescribed Antique Firearm, as defined in Canada, based on it's year of manufacture, and caliber.  Classification and rules may differ in other jurisdictions.